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1. UCLASS Smart lecture support system (lecture materials, etc.)

* Check lecture materials of each course via UCLASS

2. UUCM Student Portal UWINS

* Use the UWINS shortcut for Information/Inquiry/Application

Registration change Personal information Personal information
Student registration status inquiry
Personal information change
Withdrawal•Expulsion Withdrawal application
Readmission guide
Leave of absence•Return Leave application
Return application
Curriculum Curriculum inquiry
Course descriptions printout
Curriculum•Courses Course registration Course registration Guide
Course registration confirmation
Registered course inquiry
Class time & Course plan inquiry
Class timetable
Course registration confirmation printout
Cancelled class inquiry
Pledge of Observance of Research Ethics
Grades•Graduation Lecture evaluation & Grades Current semester grades inquiry
Transcript printout
Acquired course credits inquiry
Qualifying examination
Comprehensive examination application
Comprehensive examination results
Foreign language examination application
Foreign language examination results
Thesis proposal
Thesis examination application
Scholarships•Registration Registration Tuition bill printout
Tuition payment in installments
Student Information Forum MyUWIN set
Password change
UWIN ID application
Forgot UWIN ID
Forgot UWIN password
Campus Life Campus housing(Medical school) Uirim Haksa application
Move out & Cancellation
Dormitory allocation
Medical check-up file registration
Research management Payment of student labor cost details& Bank account registration
Employment•Start-up Employment Employment Information