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“We greatly appreciate your great attention to UOU Graduate School.” Opened in 1980, the UOU Graduate School aims to produce the engineering and technology specialists who support the promotion of national key industries and the democratic citizens who can contribute to fostering the developments of nation and local community under the motto of "Be a Creative Researcher, Independent Intellectual and Competent Professionalist.“

UOU Graduate School has established competitive education programs and research systems by nurturing Master and Doctoral degree specialists required by local industries, and by building innovative research systems for leading the developments of local industries under the goal of growing as "Mecca of cutting edge knowledge, the Cradle of academic-industrial cooperation and the Birthplace of global leaders." We have provided various scholarships to secure outstanding students and attracted international students for the globalization. By participating in National Projects and academic-industrial cooperation programs such as BK 21 program, WCU program, Advanced Research Center Program, and NRL program which are conducted by UOU professors, our graduate students will develop their research skills, international mindset and adaptability in society. We continuously endeavor to provide a better education and research environment for graduate students such as the excellent educational program, up-to-date research facilities and enhanced scholarships.

UOU Graduate School will serve as a hall of learning where you realize your dream to become a part of the developments of nation and society in the coming future.

Dean, The Graduate School of the University Of Ulsan

Admission Overview


University Of Ulsan College of Medicine, 88, Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul 05505, Korea

Graduate Programme

Graduate Programme
Programme Course Estimated Semester Tuition
Master PhD Combined
Medical Science Y Y Y USD 5,100
Biomedical Engineering Y Y Y USD 5,100
Translational Medicine N Y Y USD 6,300
Medicine Y Y N USD 6,300

Tuition and Fees(Estimated Cost for 6 months)

Tuition and Fees
Entrance Fee (only upon entrance) USD 730
Tuition Fee Refer to the above programme table
International Student Service (ISS) Fee N/A (Currently fully waived)
International Student Health Cover (ISHC) Fee USD 90

* ISHC is compulsory for all new students except for those holding Korea National Health Insurance.

Contact Information


  • - Associate Director International Student Service Centre University of Ulsan
  • - Phone: +82-52-220-5957
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