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  • Academic Scholarships
  • Research scholarships
  • Overseas Conference Grants
  • Reduction of Medical Expenses
Academic Scholarships
AMIST Academic Scholarships
Academic Scholarships
  • Qualifications: Of combined master's and doctoral program or a doctoral program students, those who earned six credits in their requirements during the previous semester, achieving excellent academic performance
  • Living expense support: 800,000 won, monthly, per person
  • Dormitory fee support: 900,000 won, each semester, per person
※ For Academic scholarships / (Scholarship S), no separate application is required. Automatically awarded based on the student's grades or his advisor's research capabilities.
Research scholarships
AMIST Research scholarships
AMIST Research scholarships
  • Qualifications: Current students and degree candidates majoring medicine, who published and presented their papers in SCI(E) level journals as the first author (including e-Pub)
  • Graded payment in accordance with Impact Factor (IF) is made at the end of the semester.
Overseas Conference Grants
AMIST Overseas Conference Grants
Classification Details
Eligibility - The graduate school students of Medical Science or Biomedical Engineering major
- Doctoral degree candidates who registered for thesis research after completing Doctoral programs of Medical Science / Biomedical Engineering
Qualifications - Once a year, per person
- Overseas conference held in the United States and European countries
- Oral or poster presentation as the first author
- The adviser professor of the student is included as a corresponding author.
Amounts & Items - A maximum of 1,500,000 won (Reimbursed after conference attendance)
- Applicable fees: Conference registration, airfares, accommodation, meals (a standard of travel expenses for public officials applied)
Application 1) Documents to be submitted
   Application documents for an overseas conference, acceptance letter for oral or poster presentation, an abstract of the paper accepted for oral (poster) presentation
2) Application Period
   30 days prior to the conference
Settlement 1) Apply after conference attendance
2) Documents to be submitted
  - A copy of the passport, a copy of the passport with an immigration check, a program list containing the name and dates of the conference, an abstract of the paper for oral (poster) presentation
  - Submit the original receipt (The sum total should be below the amount of the fund)
    Conference registration, accommodation and meals, the receipt for the airline ticket and original boarding pass
    (Redundancy settlement with research funding is prohibited.)
3) Submission deadline
   Within 30 days after conference attendance
Funds Educational expenditure (Graduate School of Medicine operating expenditures)
Payment time Effective from June, 2017 (Applied retroactively from March of 2017)
Reduction of Medical Expenses
Reduction of medical expenses at AMIST
Reduction of Medical Expenses
  • Eligibility: Full time graduate school students majoring in Biomedical science / Biomedical engineering
  • Amounts: Equivalent to those of medicine majors
  • Procedure: Pay medical expenses first, submit required documents to the school and then support funds will be deposited to your account by calculating the reduction rates for each case.