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Subway Jamsilnaru Station(Exit 1 of Line 2) Walk (10 minutes distance) or exit No.3 and take public transportation.
Jamsil Station (Exit 7 of Line 2) Get off and use public transportation
Cheonho Station(Exit 9 of Line 5) Get off and use public transportation
How to use the subway
in a bus terminal
Dongseoul Terminal Gangbyeon Station Station(Line 2) → Jamsilnaru Station(Ten minutes ' walk)
Gangnam Terminal Express Bus Terminal Station(Line 3) → Gyodo Station(Line 2) → Jamsilnaru
Seoul Station Seoul Station(Line 4) → Dongdaemun Stadium Station(Line 2) → Jamsilnaru
Nambu Terminal Nambu Terminal(Line 3) → Gyodo Station(Line 2) → Jamsilnaru
Sangbong Terminal Sangbong Station(Line 7) → Gunja Station(Line 5)
→ Get off at Cheonho Station and use bus
Gimpo Airport Gimpo Airport Station(Line 5) → Get off at Cheonho Station and use bus
Circulation Bus

Get off at Kukdong Apartment Bus Station
→ Use the Hospital Tour Bus in front of
Pungnap Middle School

Cyclic bus service time
[ Hospital
Pungnap Middle School
Hospital ]
Operate on a ten-minute basis
Weekday : 08:30~18:30
Saturday : 08:30~12:30
Guide to AMIST
AMIST sitemap.
AMIST is the most advanced research facility aiming for a global bio-technology cluster.
Asan life science institute
Dept. of Convergence medicine / Biomedical research Institute / Clinical medicine institute / Biomedical engineering institute /
Health innovation big data center / Bio-Resource center / Clinical test center/Human research protection center / R&D Project group / Animal research facility
Educational research institute
Biomedical sciences laboratory / Anatomy laboratory / Brain science laboratory / Physiology / Biochemistry & Molecular biology laboratory / Pharmacology laboratory / Microbiology laboratory / Medical humanities & social science laboratory / Preventive medicine laboratory / Medical education laboratory