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AMIST Greetings
Highest rating in national
medical school evaluation
Continuous development
World class medical school

We sincerely appreciate your generous support and love for Ulsan University College of Medicine (UUCM).
UUCM celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013, and will have the honor of celebrating its 30th in 2018.

We have made steady development with the generous support of the University and Asan Medical Center, and achieved the highest rating in the national medical school evaluation. We will continue to make effort to become a world-class medical school. We need the support from the University and Asan Medical Center, as well as continued interest from you and the community to make a leap forward to become a world-class medical school.

The development fund you have given will be the foundation stone for the future of UUCM.

AMIST Development Funds
UUCM Development

The funds you donated will serve as the basis the mission of UUCM, which is conducting research and improving educational environment to foster future medical leaders, as well as act as a driving force to compete with the prestigious medical schools worldwide by heightening its brand value.

Use of the

01 Scholarships for medical students

UUCM awards tuition-free scholarships to all students who qualify the designated requirements. In addition, for students who cannot devote themselves to study and research due to economic difficulties, the school supports them with living expenses and research grants with the scholarships you donate.

02 General grants

General givings are entrusted to UUCM, and the funds shall be used for new research grants, advanced education, and improvement of UUCM brand value.

03 Research grants

These grants will be used for the research infrastructure through which UUCM and Asan Medical Center, the best research-oriented hospital in the nation, collaboratively support basic medical science, translational medical research, and purchasing state-of-the-art research equipment.

Total amount donated

Total amount according to contributors
for UUCM in 2015

Total: 417,280 (unit:1000 won)

Current total donation amount

(unit:1000 won)

Code of ethics
for development

In collecting and using the funds, we comply with the following regulations on the basis of the ethical foundation of honesty, respect, sincerity, sympathy, and transparency.

I. Fundraising charter of UUCM

  1. Fundraising in UUCM shall be based on the professional values and judgement and go through transparent decision making.
  2. The personnel in charge shall observe moral codes established by the university as well as all related legislations.
  3. The personnel in charge shall respect all interests and freedom of choice of those people he/she may influence.
  4. The staff in charge shall not take advantage of donors’ information and relationship for his/her own interests, and shall not be given rewards or contingent fee of contributions from the donors or the university.
  5. When the donation is refused by the donor, fundraising shall be stopped immediately.
  6. The personnel asking for donation shall identify himself/herself clearly.
  7. When asked to offer donation-related information, the staff shall promptly provide it.
  8. The donations shall only be used for purposes designated by the donors, and if the usage has to be inevitably changed, approval shall be obtained from the donor.
  9. 1. The university shall not use donor’s information for anything but original purposes, and if requested, it shall erase the name of the donor from the list.

II. The right of the donor

  1. The donors for UUCM shall have all the rights based on The Donor Bill of Rights.
  2. Donors shall receive tax deduction for the contributions and be informed of all limitations about the deduction pursuant to the related laws.
How to donate
Donation guide
01 How to donate

Q&A about the funds

Park Mi Kyung

T. 02-3010-4212


Medical school support via the development funds for UUCM.
  • Complete Appendix 1 「UUCM development funds contract」and send it by mail or fax.
  • Making deposit without a passbook: Deposit online through financial institutions. (Refer to the [Agreement contract guide])
  • Automatic transfer: Donate designated amount of money every month from your account without having to visit the bank.
Use of the funds (Please designate the use in the contract form)
  • Medical school scholarships: Used for scholarships for medical school students
  • Consigning to the medical school: Used for development of medical school
  • Research funds for medical school: Used for special purposes including researches
Medical school sponsorship via Asan Medical Center development funds
  • Attached Appendix 2 「Asan Social Welfare Foundation Asan Medical Center sponsorship agreement contract」and send it by mail or fax.
  • Make a deposit without a bankbook : Deposit online through financial institutions.
    ※ Account number of Asan Medical Center
    (KEB Hana bank) 175-13-06158-7 Account holder: Asan Social Welfare Foundation
  • Automatic transfer: Donate designated amount of money every month from your account without visiting the bank.
Use of the funds (Please designate the use in the contract form)
  • 후원(약정)서 용도(선택) 세부내용 : '울산의대 발전기금'기입
02 Tax benefits

Individual donations (individuals, individual businesses, organizations)
Amount deducted
  • Less than 30 million won: 15% of yearly donations
  • More than 30 million won: 15% of donations of less than 30 million won + 25% of donations of greater than 30 million won
  • Ex) Donated amount 100,000 won: 100,000 won × 15% = 15,000 won
  • 1 million won: 1 million won × 15% = 150,000 won
  • 40 million won: 30 million won × 15% + 10 million won × 25% = 4,750,000 won
  • Related law: Article 34 of the Income Tax Act, Item 4 of Article 59 of the Income Tax Act
Corporate donations(Corporation, Corporate organizations)
Tax benefits
1)When a corporate donates 100 million won
Sales figures expense designated contributions net profit Remark
1.5 billion won/td> 1.2 billion won 100 million won 300 million won Tax favors: 10% of income
Tax deduction
Sales figures Not donating Donating
Income 300 million won (deduction: none) 270 million won (deduction: 30 million won)
Corporate tax 42 million won 34 million won
Tax favor -6 million won
2) Corporate Tax details
  • Not donating
  • = 20 million won (200 million won * 10%) + 22 million won (100 million won * 20%) = 40 million won
  • Donating
  • = 20 million won (200 million won * 10%) + 14 million won (70 million won * 20%) = 34 million won
3) Others

Corporate income tax rate : 10% for revenues less than 200 million won, 20% for greater than 200 million and less than 20 billion, 22% for greater than 20 billion won.

If not deducted in the current year, it can be carried forward for five years.

Donors' Lounge
Donors' lounge
01Honorable treatment for donors

The University will send periodic university newsletters to all people who sponsored UUCM, along with a letter of appreciation. In addition, the University will publish the donation details on the newsletter as well as carve the sponsor's name on the donors' name plates depending on the amount of contributions in order to recognize their contribution to the school.
We will greet you with a more fruitful program.

02 The Donor Bill
of Rights

UUCM will wholeheartedly appreciate the sponsorship of those who would like to contribute to our society through Ulsan medical school, and we declare that all donors have these rights to make sure of our respect and trust for the sponsorship:
  1. To be informed of UUCM's mission and the way the organization intends to use the donated resources, and based on the information, to examine its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes.
  2. To have access to the University's most recent financial statements.
  3. To be assured that their contributions will be used for the purposes for which they were given.
  4. To be respected and honorably treated for the donation itself regardless of its amount and usage.
  5. To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful, and forthright answers.
  6. To be informed of the identity of those serving as the University's governing board members.
  7. To be assured that information about their donations is handled with respect.
  8. To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing lists that an organization may intend to share.
The Donor Bill of Rights is developed by AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals).
List of donors
List of donors for AMIST

As of June 6, 2017

(의)영훈의료재단 선병원 김예슬미 박정훈 양원석 이영수 조성래
(주)글락소스미스클라인 김용길 박종연 양윤자 이영준 조성우
(주)대웅제약 김용년 박종훈 양진석 이우제 조성윤
(주)메드스타 김용만 박주현 양홍석 이우창 조성자
(주)아벤티스파마 김용희 박준범 엄진섭 이유미 조영걸
(주)에피젬 김우건 박준원 염창선 이윤선 조영미
(주)자이스비전 김우성 박중열 오리엔트바이오 이윤세 조우신
(주)제일코비 김원 박지선 오범진 이윤식 조유숙
(주)한국팜비오 김원구 박지웅 오성태 이은주 조윤경
(주)한독약품 김원동 박진훈 오수진 이재담 조은희
(주)한미약품 김원영 박찬식 오연목 이재련 조창훈
KB오토시스(주) 김유겸 박찬정 오영삼 이재순 조태심
SB지앤미피부과 김유호 박춘식 오재민 이재원 조현석
강경남 김은경 박평환 오진숙 이재진 조현선
강기순 김은기 박현도 오흥범 이재형 조홍신
강릉아산병원 비뇨기과 김의현 박형근 옥금희 이재호 조홍준
강민원 김인구 박혜순 올림푸스한국(주) 이재호 주명수
강병문 김자천 박홍주 우리강산(김영배) 이재홍 주석중
강보현 김장한 방진현 우준희 이정교 ㈜에스에이씨
강신광 김재용 배균섭 우지영 이정선 주연호
강영호 김재웅 배재설 울산의과대학 교수협의회 이정식 주철현
강윤영 김재중 백승철 울산의과대학 영상의학과 이정신 중외제약
강지영 김정선 변재호 울산의대 1기 동문 일동 이정훈 지부환
고경남 김정재 봉승원 울산의대 24회 졸업생 일동 이제환 지현숙
고기영 김정훈 부광약품(주) 울산의대 2기 동문 일동 이종률 진동훈
고대철 김종민 부국철강㈜ 울산의대 3기 동문 일동 이종원 진영수
고윤석 김종성 빈성일 울산의대 4기 동문 일동 이종철 차주희
고재곤 김종욱 상진 원종현 이주연 차충환
고재영 김종혁 서대철 원철희 이주용 차현석
고정민 김종혁 서동만 원혜성 이주희 차흥원
고태성 김주형 서동완 유건식 이중선 채희동
공경엽 김중곤 서동우 유근식 이중현 최경효
곽미정 김지연 서동운 유동곤 이지희 최규택
구교희 김진삼 서민철 유빈 이진혁 최기준
구승우 김진천 서석범 유서연 이철 최두영
구영모 김창윤 서영일 유승주 이철  최범림
국문석 김창진 서완우 유승훈 이철환 최상호
국윤준 김청수 서용덕 유은실 이충욱 최승호
권도훈 김태경 서울아산병원 유일디텍(최홍) 이태훈 최우석
권동하 김태곤 서을주 유종윤 이택종 최윤백
권석운 김태면 서정수 유창식 이필량 최은경
권순억 김태범 서정한 유한욱 이한주 최재원
권양 김태원 서종만 유화경 이해웅 최정현
권정훈 김표년 서종진 육근영 이혁수 최종우
권중근 김학희 서준범 육정환 이혜경 최종태
권태원 김향숙 서철원 윤기환 이호규 최지호
권혁면 김헌수 서현일 윤두환 이호승 최진미
권혁수 김혁 선우성 윤상민 이화정 최충곤
김강모 김형렬 성경제 윤성언 이희란 최한석
김건석 김형석 성상진 윤성원 이희재 최현철
김경모 김혜원 성인영 윤승용 일동제약 칼자이스(주)
김경봉 김홍미 성흥섭 윤영희 일성신약(주) 편성범
김광국 김홍철 센스피부과 윤용식 임경수 하상호
김국향 김효원 소상필 윤종현 임소윤 하승룡
김규래 김효준 소영신 윤주영 임승수 하현권
김규민 김희철 손병호 윤준오 임승철 한국LILLY(주)
김규표 나도선 손우찬 윤준오  임영석 한국쉐링(주)
김기수(내분비내과) 나수영 손우철 윤창민 임정길 한국아스트라제네카(주)
김기수(소아청소년과) 나영신 손은철 윤태진 임종현 한국존슨앤존슨
김기용 남경현 손창환 윤태현 임주혁 한기훈
김기훈 남광우 손훈성 윤현기 임채만 한덕종
김나영 남규준 송관수 의과대학 교학행정실 직원 일동 임채헌 한동엽
김대연 남기병 송군식 의과대학 여교수회 장근두 한만희
김대영 남순열 송규영 의과대학총동문회 장다솜 한명월
김대환 남재식 송명근 이경진 장성은 한미치과의원
김덕수 남정권 송재관 이계안 장수환 한오수
김도훈 남주현 송진우 이광선 장연진 허선
김동관 노성우 송하림 이규형 장영 허수진
김동순 노재윤 송현 이기업 장용주 허재완
김동한 노종렬 송호영 이기천 장은주 허주령
김동호 노환성 신광호 이다인 장재석 허주영
김동희 녹십자피비엠 신동명 이대호 장학 허진
김문규 렘브란트치과병원 신명진 이덕희 장현호 허진원
김미나 류진숙 신용문 이동규 장흥문 현대시멘트(주)
김민경 리지엔피부과 신용욱 이동현 장희종 홍명기
김민관 명승재 신재명 이동호 전누리 홍상범
김민선 문기찬 신창일 이랑자 전사일 홍석경
김민한 문대혁 신피부과의원 이무송 전영훈 홍석준
김범준 문덕복 신현수 이문규 전은영 홍수종
김병식 문혜현 신희정 이미숙 전재명 홍용상
김상연 문희범 심보성 이민재 전재용 홍원선
김상윤 민영일 심예은 이병섭 전현경 홍준표
김성배 민원기 심지연 이병용 전혜린 홍준혁
김성원 박견 심창선 이봉재 정경해 홍진표
김성윤 박광민 심태선 이상구 정경화 홍창기
김성철 박동석 안강민 이상도 정부식 홍혜남
김성학 박만호 안광현 이상수 정석훈 황규삼
김소연 박민우 안병렬 이상암 정성량 황승준
김송철 박민욱 안세현 이상열 정성문 황신
김순배 박상혁 안승도 이상일 정영화 황온유
김승익 박선태 안재우 이상훈 정종우 황윤우
김승후 박성욱 안준우 이석기 정창진 황재현
김승훈 박수길 안지환 이석우 정철현
김아람 박수성 안철수 이선호 정태기
김아영 박순엽 안태영 이성구 정태웅
김애란 박영서 안태환 이소연 정훈용
김양수 박영석 안한종 이수호 제갈양진
김양호 박용만 안형진-홍사라 이승규 조경식
김영국 박인숙 안효숙 이승수 조경자
김영식 박정미 양대석 이승호 조돈현
김영일 박정식 양석균 이승환 조미향
김영탁 박정준 양성애 이연주 조범진
김영훈 박정혁 양성준 이영상 조성강