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Student ID·Certificate Issuance
AMIST Student ID·Certificate Issuance Guide
01 Student ID Issuance

1) If you apply at the Global Service Center with submission of a photo to the academic affairs / Student team of the medical school, your student ID will be distributed once your ID issuance is completed.

2) Student ID can be used as a library card of Asan Medical Library.

3) When your student ID is lost and damaged, immediately report to the General Student Service Center and request re-issuance. However, a small fee will be incurred (2,000 won).

02 Certificate Issuance

1) Apply on-line ( : Login to On-line certificate issuance, apply for issuing a certificate, and then print directly from your computer.

2) Apply by phone : Call Student Service Center(052-259-1111) for certificate issuance and then receive the certificate by mail.

AMIST Dormitory Information
AMIST Dormitory Information
01 Eligibility

Medical Science / Biomedical Engineering majors (*Medicine majors: Hospital Intern Residence)

1) 1st semester: Freshmen / Current students (Students registered for thesis : Master's program (for 1 year), Doctoral program (for 2 years)

2) 2nd semester: Students entered in the 1st semester/ Freshmen

02 Application procedures

1) student : UWINS → Campus Life → Campus housing (Medical school) → Apply for Uirim Haksa

2) Graduate School Freshmen: UUCM → Admissions (Undergraduate / Graduate) → Graduate School → Admissions → General Screening → Admissions Inquiry (Input / Login) → Admissions Announcement / Registration → Dormitory Application

03 Dormitory allocation
After allocating current students first, then freshmen are allocated.
04 Application Period
Each semester (1st semester: in January / 2nd semester: in July)
05 Accommodation fees

Pricing annually

1) Account transfer

2) Refunds

- Within one month of stay: Refund the difference by calculating the fee quota by month

- After one month of stay: Not refundable

06 Move in & Move out Periods
Mid·Late August / February (Move in only after current residents move out)
Asan Medical Library Access
AMIST Library Guide
AMIST Library Guide
  • Accessible to the medical library in the hospital
  • Students: Eligible for access and check-out of library books with a student ID
  • Degree candidates: Accessible after registering for thesis research and submitting application for library use(An application for Asan Library use should be submitted separately during a designated period)
  • Location: Education Research Building (1st floor), Asan Medical Center